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Pays Air Charter - Aerial Work

Fire Spotting

Pay’s Air Charter is a contractor to the NSW Rural Fire Service to provide a Cessna Caravan for fire spotting and surveillance, and air attack coordination of fire bombing aircraft. Pay’s Cessna 182 is used for the same type of work on an ad-hoc basis.



Conducting photography from an aeroplane is the best way to cover a large area quickly and efficiently. The Cessna 182, 185 and Bird Dog are ideal platforms for aerial photography with a high wing and excellent low speed handling.

At Pay’s we have organised many photo shoots with local photographers and companies, and all pilots are familiar with Scone and the surrounding countryside. With our experience in this field we are able to judge the best time of day and weather conditions for optimal photography, and will keep you updated accordingly.



Cessna C208B Grand Caravan. The 14 seat Caravan is an excellent load carrying aircraft and is capable of operation from short and unprepared airstrips. With its high wing it is also excellent for scenic flights and aerial observation/reconnaissance.

Cessna 182. The 182 is a 4 seat high wing aircraft and is very cost effective for aerial work missions of short duration. Pay’s 182 is equipped with government agency radios for firefighting support, and a GPS tracking system that can be monitored from the ground.

Cessna 185. The Cessna 185 is suited to operations from unprepared and short airstrips. Both of Pay’s 185’s have been used extensively in remote parts of Australia for insect control, aerial baiting and observation.

Cessna 305 Bird Dog. The tandem seating arrangement of the Bird-Dog and excellent low speed handling make it the ideal platform for aerial observation and aerial photography. The windows are hinged at the top and fold inwards to enable unrestricted views from either side.

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