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Pays Air Service - Training

Pay’s Air Service are a long term provider for all forms of fixed wing aerial application training, with 2 ATO’s on staff and tens of thousands of hours experience to draw on they are recognised as a leading training provider throughout Australasia.

Training for initial issue of an agricultural rating grade 2 is comprised of a minimum of 40 hours training. Of these 40 hours the first 10 are an introduction to basic low level flying, aerial application principles and emergencies. The next 30 hours are comprised of at least 20 hours dual instruction in advanced aerial application principles, operational planning and methods of application and a minimum of 10 hours supervised solo training.

The dual instruction component of the training is completed in a Cessna 185 equipped with GPS marking equipment, this machine is an excellent test of handling ability and will provide a solid foundation of skills to build upon. The solo portion of the rating is conducted in one of our C188 Ag Husky aircraft in full agricultural configuration. Following the issue of an agricultural rating grade 2 there is a further requirement for 110 hours of supervision including 20 hours of direct supervision by an employer, prior to being able to fly fully unsupervised.

There is a large knowledge syllabus for the issue of an agricultural rating as described in CAO 40.6, there is also a CASA theory exam that must be completed before the rating can be issued. It is recommended that thorough study be undertaken and a pass in the exam achieved prior to beginning training. There is also the requirement to hold a chemical applicators licence applicable to the state of operation, the theory component of this can be satisfied by gaining a pass in the AAAA Spray Safe accreditation examination. It is recommended that all applicants for an agricultural rating become a member of the AAAA.

Pay’s can also conduct training and testing for the issue of a night agricultural ratings, agricultural rating grade 1, aircraft endorsements, agricultural rating flight checks and aeroplane flight reviews.

Personnel: Ross Pay and Harley Mckillop.

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