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About Us

Pay’s Air Service was first established in 1959 and has since provided various aviation services ranging from agricultural procedures, fire fighting and charter operations.

With over 60 years of aviation experience we are now looking to pass this knowledge onto the future generation of aspiring pilots through the establishment of the Pay’s Flight Training.

What we offer

The Pay’s Flight Training offers quality education from highly skilled instructors whose aim is to help you achieve your goals of becoming a pilot, whether that is for personal or professional use.

Through our extensive knowledge and experiences from a variety of aviation sectors we can help tailor your training in order to meet your objectives in the industry.


Chief Flight Instructor Dave Wilkie
  • Licenses/approvals/endorsements
    • Commercial Pilot License
    • Air Transport Pilot License
    • Instructor rating
      • Grade 1 flying instructor
      • Command instrument rating Testing
      • ME Class Rating Testing
      • NVFR Rating Testing
      • PIFR Rating Testing
  • Previous Experience
    • CFI Agricultural pilot training TAMAIR Flying School
    • CFI Country Capital Flight Center Tamworth NSW
    • CFI, and Chief Pilot Gunnedah Aero Club NSW
    • HAAMC Gunnedah Aero Club
    • Chief Pilot of New England Airspread Guyra NSW
    • HAAMC of New England Airspread Guyra NSW
    • Fire spotting
  • Instructional Hours: 4000+


  • A trial introductory is the best way to experience what learning to fly will be like. In this trial you will get hands on experience on how to fly a plane.
  • The RPL will be the first step in your flying career. An RPL licence allows you to fly within a certain distance of your chosen airport whilst also allowing you to take passenger.
  • The minimum hours required for this licence is 25 but may vary depending on certain flying standards.
  • The PPL licence allows a pilot the freedom to fly anywhere in Australia with passengers. The biggest restriction of this licence is that you are not allowed to earn money as a pilot.
  • The minimum hours required for this licence is 40 but may vary depending on certain flying standards.
  • The CPL licence will allow you to take flying to the next step by turning your love for flying into a career.
  • The minimum hours required for this licence is 200 but may vary depending on certain flying standards.
Design Feature Endorsement
  • The available design features include manual pitch propeller control, retractable undercarriage and tail wheel under carriage.
  • A Night VFR rating gives the pilot the ability to fly at night under the Visual Flight Rules
Multi-Engine Training
  • Multi-engine training is for someone looking to further there skills. Multi-engine aircrafts are generally larger and faster.

The Fleet

  • C150
  • C172
  • C182
  • Chipmunk
  • Coming Soon to Pay’s
    • Winjeel
    • Piper Aztec

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