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At Pay’s we have two highly skilled instructors with thousands of hours of experience. Our instructors will be here to guide you through both the practical and theory aspect of learning to fly to ensure you get the most out of your flight training experience. For more information be sure to call or email us.

Chief Flight Instructor Dave Wilkie

Position: Grade 1 flying instructor
Licence: Air Transport Pilot Licence

Instructor Takanori Yaguchi

Position: Grade 2 Flight instructor and a charter pilot for 4+ years
Education: Flight training at the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand and instructor rating at Interair Pty Ltd

  • Licenses/approvals/endorsements
    • Commercial Pilot License
    • Instructor rating
    • Grade 2 flying instructor
    • IFR rating
    • SE and ME Class Rating
    • NVFR Rating and training approval
    • DF endorsement and training approval

Instructor Sam Brady

Position: Grade 3 flight instructor and charter pilot
Education: Bachelor of Aviation

  • Licenses/approvals/endorsements
    • Commercial Pilot Licence
    • Flight Instructor Rating
    • Grade 3 Training Endorsement
    • Design Feature Training Endorsement
    • Multi Engine Aircraft – Instrument Rating
    • ATPL subjects completed
    • Multi Crew Cooperation


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